Uninstall the PHP agent

Read on to learn how to uninstall the New Relic PHP agent. For instructions on how to temporarily disable the agent, see Disable the agent.

This document explains how to uninstall the New Relic PHP agent for the following systems:

Uninstalling the agent

When uninstalling New Relic from a PHP application, you must remove the New Relic agent and also remove associated New Relic configuration files.

To uninstall the PHP agent from your system:

  1. Remove the agent files from your system:
    RedHat or CentOS

    Run the newrelic-install script with no options and select the uninstall option from the main menu when invoking the script.

    Ubuntu or Debian

    Use apt-get to remove the agent:

    apt-get remove newrelic-php5
  2. Remove any remaining New Relic configuration files. Use the newrelic-install or apt-get remove commands with the purge option.

    newrelic-install purge


    apt-get remove --purge newrelic
  3. If you use a package manager, remove files specific to the manager:

    RedHat or CentOS

    Using yum:

    sudo yum remove newrelic-php5

    Using rpm (32-bit):

    rpm -e newrelic-php5-common-X.X.X.X (YOUR VERSION #)-1.noarch.rpm newrelic-daemon-X.X.X.X (YOUR VERSION NUMBER)-1.i386.rpm newrelic-php5-X.X.X.X-1.i386.rpm

    Using rpm (64-bit):

    rpm -e newrelic-php5-common-X.X.X.X (VERSION NUMBER)-1.noarch.rpm newrelic-daemon-X.X.X.X (YOUR VERSION NUMBER)-1.x86_64.rpm newrelic-php5-X.X.X.X-1.x86_64.rpm
    Ubuntu or Debian

    Using apt-get:

    sudo apt-get purge newrelic-php5

    Using dpkg (32-bit):

    dpkg -P newrelic-php5-common_X.X.X.X (YOUR VERSION NUMBER)_all.deb newrelic-daemon_X.X.X.X_i386.deb newrelic-php5_X.X.X.X_i386.deb

    Using dpkg (64-bit):

    dpkg -P newrelic-php5-common_X.X.X.X (YOUR VERSION NUMBER)_all.deb newrelic-daemon_X.X.X.X_amd64.deb newrelic-php5_X.X.X.X_amd64.deb
  4. Restart your web servers (Apache, Nginx, PHP-FPM, etc.).

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