Install the PHP agent with Docker

You can install the New Relic PHP agent for APM inside a Docker container to monitor your PHP apps. The PHP agent is only compatible with Docker containers for Linux.


Before beginning this procedure, ensure that you:

Install PHP for Linux Docker containers

To install the PHP agent within a Linux Docker container:

  1. Identify the download URL for the preferred PHP agent package from New Relic's tar file download site.

  2. Create a Dockerfile in your application root.

  3. Edit your Dockerfile. Consider the following example Dockerfile which uses the published Docker image php:7.0.

    Dockerfile example
    FROM php:7.0
    RUN \
      curl -L your_url | tar -C /tmp -zx && \
        NR_INSTALL_USE_CP_NOT_LN=1 NR_INSTALL_SILENT=1 /tmp/newrelic-php5-*/newrelic-install install && \
          rm -rf /tmp/newrelic-php5-* /tmp/nrinstall* && \
            sed -i -e 's/"REPLACE_WITH_REAL_KEY"/"Your License Key"/' \
         -e 's/newrelic.appname = "PHP Application"/newrelic.appname = "Your Application Name"/' \

    There are three places in which you must edit this example Dockerfile to get it to work for you:

    • your_url: the download URL for the desired PHP agent version. Find the most recent version of the agent here:
    • "Your License Key": replace "Your License Key" with your actual New Relic License Key. Note that "REPLACE_WITH_KEY_KEY" is an actual string in the default newrelic.ini file for the PHP Agent. Don't edit that string. The sed command replaces that default string with the actual 40-character key, in quotes.
    • "Your Application Name": replace "Your Application Name" with the desired application name, in quotes.
  4. To finish the installation for Linux Docker containers, build and run the Docker container.

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