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Scala instrumentation

The New Relic Java agent is compatible with Scala, and supports New Relic API calls, annotations, and custom instrumentation. All information below is supplemental to New Relic's Java agent installation directions.


For Heroku, see Java agent with Scala on Heroku.

If your framework is not natively supported by New Relic, or if you want to set up additional monitoring, custom instrumentation is a great way to dig deeper into your application.

Instrument Scala with the Java agent API

Instrument Scala to use the New Relic API class or annotations.

  1. Add the following information to your Scala configuration file:

  2. Import the NewRelic class and use it in your application:

    import com.newrelic.api.agent.NewRelic
    NewRelic.setTransactionName(null, "/myTransaction");

More API functions

For more about the Java agent API and its functionality, see the Java agent API introduction.

Additional instrumentation

If you use Kamon, take a look at the New Relic Kamon reporter.

For more help

If you need more help, check out these support and learning resources:

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