Grails installation for Java

These directions for Grails supplement the Java installation directions:

Grails installation using run-app

Begin with an unzipped version of Grails. When running the grails run-app command, include the -javaagent flag before run-app as shown below.

grails -noreloading -javaagent:/FULL/PATH/TO/newrelic.jar run-app

With Grails 2.0 or higher, the -noreloading flag is required.

Grails installation using run-war

Navigate to the file grails-app/conf/BuildConfig.groovy within your Grails application. Add the Java agent to the property grails.tomcat.jvmArgs as shown below.

grails.tomcat.jvmArgs = ["-javaagent:/FULL/PATH/TO/newrelic.jar"]

Grails production installation using application server

When dropping a Grails compiled war into an application server, the Java agent must be added to the application server start script. For detailed directions on installing New Relic in your application server, see:

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