ColdFusion installation for Java

These directions for ColdFusion supplement the Java installation directions:

To install the New Relic Java agent on ColdFusion:

  1. Ensure you meet the compatibility and requirements.
  2. Open your command line interface.
  3. Navigate to your ColdFusion install directory, and enter the following command:
    ./coldfusion start
  4. After your ColdFusion server starts, open your web browser and navigate to your ColdFusion admin console:

    Port 8500 is the default. Depending on your installation, you may use a different port number.

  5. Login to your ColdFusion admin console.
  6. From the left menu, select SERVER SETTINGS > Java and JVM.
  7. If you use the Java agent API: Specify the path to newrelic-api.jar in the ColdFusion Class Path field.
  8. In the JVM Arguments field, add the -javaagent switch and the path to your newrelic.jar file:

  9. Select Submit Changes.
  10. In your command line interface, restart ColdFusion server:

    ./coldfusion stop
    ./coldfusion start

Wait a few minutes, then check your app's performance! If you don't see any data after waiting a few minutes, see No data appears. To further customize the agent's behavior, see Java agent configuration.

ColdFusion Admin Console > SERVER SETTINGS > Java and JVM: In your JVM Arguments, add the -javaagentswitch and specify a path to newrelic.jar. If you use the Java agent API, add the path to newrelic-api.jar to your ColdFusion Class Path.

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