No data appears (Go)


You installed the New Relic Go agent for your Golang app. After you generated some traffic and waited a few minutes, your app is still not reporting data in the New Relic UI.


After sending a request to your web application, data should appear in the New Relic APM UI within two to three minutes. If you still do not see any data on your app's New Relic APM Overview page, try these troubleshooting tips:

  1. Verify your app's name and license key in your Go agent configuration's newrelic.Config struct.
  2. Use New Relic Diagnostics to try to automatically identify the issue.
  3. Make sure you instrumented your app's transactions with newrelic.WrapHandleFunc or Application.StartTransaction and Transaction.End.
  4. Restart your web server.
  5. Use the Go Logger interface to generate Debug level logs, and check those logs for errors.
  6. If necessary, upgrade to the latest New Relic Go agent release.

For more help

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