Go agent compatibility and requirements

Before you install New Relic for Go, make sure your system meets the requirements.

Golang versions

New Relic supports Golang 1.3 or higher.

Operating environments

The agent supports Linux, macOS, and Windows. You can also use the Go agent in a Google App Engine (GAE) flexible environment.

Database and instance-level performance

New Relic collects instance details for a variety of databases and database drivers. The ability to view specific instances and the types of database information in New Relic APM depends on your New Relic agent version.

New Relic's Go agent version 1.4 or higher supports instance details for all database drivers.

Connect the agent to other New Relic products

The Go agent integrates with other New Relic products to give you end-to-end visibility:

Product Integration
New Relic Infrastructure When you install the Infrastructure and APM agents on the same host, they automatically detect one another. You can then view a list of hosts in the APM UI, and filter your Infrastructure hosts by APM app in the Infrastructure UI. For more information, see New Relic APM data in Infrastructure.
New Relic Insights The Go agent sends default events and attributes to Insights for NRQL queries. You can also record custom events for advanced analysis.

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