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Easily onboard Kubernetes and Prometheus data with new quickstarts

May 13, 2022

Quickstarts for Istio, ArgoCD, CoreDNS, NGINX, Redis, Node Exporter are now available.

New Relic Instant Observability helps you instrument, monitor, and analyze your stack in minutes with hundreds of pre-built quickstarts. If your tech stack includes Kubernetes or Prometheus you can benefit from an easy instrumentation experience, curated dashboards, and pre-configured alerts for Istio, ArgoCD, CoreDNS, NGINX, Redis, and the Prometheus Node Exporter.

New dashboards available

The latest quickstarts to help you get started with Kubernetes and Prometheus observability include:

  • Istio Service: get a dashboard view of services running in your Kubernetes cluster using an Istio Service Mesh. Learn how to monitor service mesh performance from our blog.
  • ArgoCD: see the performance and availability of the ArgoCD platform within Kubernetes.
  • CoreDNS: visualize CoreDNS performance and alert on potential errors. CoreDNS is a critical Kubernetes cluster component and can be difficult to troubleshoot in an error scenario, learn how to monitor CoreDNS from our blog.
  • NGINX Ingress Controller: monitor performance and alert on potential configuration errors.
  • Redis: discover all critical performance and health metrics relevant to your Redis system monitored by Prometheus.
  • Prometheus Node Exporter: dashboard view for host metrics gathered through Node Exporter.

Learn more about integrating Kubernetes and Prometheus with New Relic.

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