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Nerdlog Roundup: Ingesting OpenTelemetry data, RUM, and more

February 25, 2021

Ingest OpenTelemery data and logs, drop your data, and monitor your browser performance

Ingesting OpenTelemetry data with New Relic One

Get an overview of OpenTelemetry and see how ingesting OpenTelemetry data is easy with New Relic One for better integration, end-to-end visibility, and instrumentation. To get started, head to the GitHub repo.

Real-user monitoring support for Google Core Web Vitals

Learn about Google Core Web Vitals and the importance of using New Relic Browser Monitoring to monitor browser performance. Learn to install the Browser monitoring agent.

Data dropping via NerdGraph

Learn how to drop dimensional metrics (in addition to Events, Logs, and Traces) at ingest to manage your data. Head to the NerdGraph API explorer.

Agentless Syslog Onboarding and other Logs updates

Get updates on all things Log management and an overview of Agentless syslog onboarding. Read more about Agentless Syslog Onboarding.

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