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Get full visibility into your Roku streaming application with our Roku agent

October 18, 2022

Improve your Roku streaming application’s network connectivity, viewer accessibility, and video quality by pinpointing the cause of performance degradations.

Our Roku agent provides the first comprehensive observability solution on the market for monitoring your Roku streaming applications. And now, we’ve enhanced it by offering new monitoring capabilities while making it even easier to understand your Roku app’s performance.

  • Use network connectivity analytics to quickly detect and understand critical issues.
  • Process large quantities of data with performance metrics.
  • Get access to curated UIs with preconfigured, interactive data visualizations without having to manually run queries or create dashboards.

"Screenshot showing a UI with interactive data visualizations (Nerdlets)"

Key functionalities of our updated agent include:

  • HTTP requests and errors, which can be manifestations of ISP or CDN issues, or unwanted changes to the application or backend services. Faster identification and understanding of these issues is critical to maintaining a positive user experience.
  • Video QoE analytics that correlate video quality issues with the rest of the streaming architecture and video playback sessions with backend systems.
  • Viewer journey tracking that helps you inspect a given customer’s video playback experience, including the path to reach their content and the time needed to complete critical actions. Pinpoint impacted services along with where bottlenecks and drop-offs occur.

Install the agent today or learn more by checking out our blog and docs page.

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