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Docs translation

New Relic documentation exists on these sites:

You can toggle between languages with a button in the top menu bar.

View translation status

Every doc's frontmatter includes its human translation status.

If there is no translate: element in the frontmatter, the doc is not human-translated into any languages. It will still be automatically translated into all our machine-translated languages.

If the translate: element has a language abbreviation, such as jp, then the doc has been translated, will be translated, or is under consideration for translation. For example:

title: 'NRQL reference'
- jp
- kr
metaDescription: "A detailed reference list of clauses and functions in NRQL, the New Relic query language."
- /docs/insights/using-nrql

Update translated doc

The site runs an automatic job once a day to automatically translate changes to docs into target languages.

Show SEO status for translated docs

The site's frontend uses the doc's translation status information to display the SEO hreflang element for a page. This tells search engines that the page also has a version available in the specific language.

<link rel="alternate" href="https://docs.newrelic.com/jp/" hreflang="ja" />

Delete and move docs

When you make changes to our English docs, you may get an unpaired translation error on GitHub. Here are scenarios where you would make changes to our i18n folder:

  • When you delete an mdx file, delete the corresponding mdx file in the /kr/ and /jp/ folders. You do not update the yaml file.
  • When you move an mdx file from folder X to folder Y, you need to move that same mdx file to folder Y in /kr/ and /jp/. You do not update the yaml file.
  • When you move an mdx file to a new folder, you need to create that new folder in /kr/ and /jp/, then move the mdx file into it. You do not update the yaml file.

Instead of manually deleting or moving files, run these command sequences:

  • To move/rename translated files:

    yarn i18n-utility list-renames
    yarn i18n-utility make-renames
  • To delete translated files:

    yarn i18n-utility list-orphans
    yarn i18n-utility delete-orphans
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