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Browser agent v1209

May 26, 2021


Doubled the limit of PageAction events per harvest

Up to 120 PageAction events can be harvested every 30 seconds.

Removed call to /ping endpoint

Removed a legacy behavior used to ensure network connection was kept alive in IE 7/8/9.

Bug Fixes

Prevent duplicate session trace nodes

The final Session Trace node in a harvest, captured using the Resource Timing API, is no longer duplicated in the subsequent harvest.

This issue lead to 1 duplicate node in a Session Trace, every 10 seconds, over the duration of the trace.

Memory overhead when agent script

Fixed a memory leak in the agent when the network request to load the second part of the agent is blocked.

Update to file protocol restriction

Fixed an error thrown in the console when the agent is loaded using the file:// protocol caused by features in the agent trying to run when others had been aborted.

setTimeouts without callback functions

Fixed an issue where route change Browser Interactions would wait forever if a setTimeout was called without a callback function (passing code in as a string in the first argument) as the first argument.


Fixed a conflict between the Browser agent and the Cypress.io test framework when instrumenting XMLHttpRequest.

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