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Browser agent v1099

October 4, 2018


The Browser agent, sometimes called the JavaScript agent, has multiple variants: Lite, Pro, and Pro+SPA. Unless noted otherwise, all features/improvements/bug fixes are available in all variants of the agent.

New features

  • Action Text: The agent now captures the text of the HTML element that was clicked when a browser interaction started. This value is stored as an attribute called actionText on the BrowserInteraction events. There is also a new API actionText, which can be used to manually set the action text value.

Bug fixes

  • The agent now uses a fallback method for collecting data when sendBeacon fails: Browsers can return false from sendBeacon call when it cannot be completed. The agent now detects it and falls back to a different method to ensure data is captured.
  • Fixed calculating stackHash value in Safari 10 and 11: The stackHash value was not being properly calculated for global errors in Safari 10 and 11, causing incorrect grouping of errors across all browsers.
  • Fixed issue with calling fetch without any arguments: On certain versions of the Safari browser, calling fetch without any arguments is permitted. Other browsers, in contrast, do not allow this and throw an error. This also prevented the agent from working properly.
  • Removed response size calculation for streaming fetch calls: Previously, the agent cloned the response of a fetch call and read the response body in order to capture its size. In certain versions of the Safari browser this caused other clone calls to fail. As a result, the agent now only uses the content-length header, when available, to capture response size.

How to upgrade

To upgrade your agent to the latest version, see Upgrade the Browser agent.

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