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Android agent v5.3.2

October 29, 2015Download


  • Android Gradle plugin 1.4 compatibility (1.4.0-beta6)
    • Google is working to improve the build system within Android Developer Toolkit (ADT) and as of version 1.4.0-beta2 a change was made that breaks compatibility with the New Relic Android agent. This update provides compatibility with the new beta and previous versions of the Android Gradle plugin.


  • With Strict Mode enabled in Android Studio, there may have been a resource leak detected with the Android agent installed. This has been corrected for Strict Mode compatibility and to prevent potential resource leaks.
  • An edge case scenario was detected where an app left open past the scheduled timeout value would continue sending data on the standard harvest cycle rather than the timeout value. This was corrected to ensure the timeout count is reset and respected.
  • A small number of network error types in the Android agent were found to be reporting invalid codes that resulted in missing exceptions on the Errors page for the app. This behavior was corrected and each type of exception is now properly displayed in the Errors screen.
  • In version 1.3 of the Gradle plugin, Google made a change that requires the mapping.txt file to be in a specific format when creating multi-dexed apps. This release accounts for that and ensures building with the Android agent is supports multi-dex.
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