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PHP agent v9.2.0.247

October 7, 2019Download

New features in 9.2

More flexibility for container deployments

  • The PHP daemon and agent no longer have to reside on the same host and can now communicate over a IPv4 or IPv6 TCP socket. This can be configured via the newrelic.daemon.address setting in the agent and the --address command line option for the daemon.
  • When terminating the New Relic PHP daemon via the SIGTERM signal (and/or the SIGINT signal if started with the -f, --foreground flag), the daemon will now send all buffered data to New Relic prior to exiting.
  • The PHP daemon has introduced a new configuration --watchdog-foreground. This keeps the daemon watchdog process in the foreground, whereas the --foreground configuration keeps the daemon worker process in the foreground. The new configuration makes it possible to use the daemon in a blocking way, without losing the additional stability provided by the watchdog process.

Upgrade notices

  • The PHP agent has introduced a new configuration newrelic.daemon.address which serves as an alias to newrelic.daemon.port. You may use either to specify the location of the New Relic PHP daemon. If both values are set, newrelic.daemon.address takes precedence.

    Similarly, the PHP daemon has introduced a new configuration --address which serves as an alias to --port. Customers may use either to specify the location of the New Relic PHP daemon. If both values are set, --address takes precedence.

  • When starting the daemon as an external process, the daemon will now wait for up to three seconds for the listening port to be ready to receive connections before forking into the background. This usually occurs in (much) less than a second, and most users with this configuration will notice no difference in practice.

    The time that the daemon will wait can be controlled by setting the --wait-for-port setting with a duration. This duration may be 0 to prevent any blocking. If the option is omitted, the default value is 3s.

    Note that this is not the default configuration shipped with the PHP agent, and generally is only used in conjunction with the PHP agent configured with newrelic.daemon.dont_launch set to 3.

    Daemons started in foreground mode (with the --foreground flag) are unaffected, and will behave as before.

Bug fixes

  • When duplicating database connections to generate explain plans, the agent will no longer make those connections persistent, even if the original connection was persistent.
  • The daemon now synchronously handles critical code paths related to harvesting and merging transaction data. This prevents crashes caused by race conditions.
  • Previously, the PHP agent was silently ignoring the setting newrelic.daemon.port if the value was outside of the range 1 - 65535. In this case, it used the default value of /tmp/.newrelic.sock. The PHP agent no longer silently ignores these port values; it now logs these errors in php_agent.log.

Known issues and workarounds

  • Potential memory exhaustion for long running transactions. See description under Known issues and workarounds in the PHP release notes.
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