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Node.js agent v8.7.0

January 4, 2022Download


  • Updated onResolved instrumentation hook to only be called the first time we see a specific module filepath resolved.

  • Removed tracer.segment in place of direct usage of context manager.

  • Fixed an issue where multiple calls to instrumentLoadedModule resulted in re-instrumenting the same module.

  • Fixed issue where instrumentLoadedModule would return true even if the instrumentation handler indicated it did not apply instrumentation.

  • Added support metrics for tracking when instrumentation was applied per module.

    • Supportability/Features/Instrumentation/OnResolved/<module-name>
    • Supportability/Features/Instrumentation/OnResolved/<module-name>/Version/<major version>
    • Supportability/Features/Instrumentation/OnRequire/<module-name>
    • Supportability/Features/Instrumentation/OnRequire/<module-name>/Version/<major version>
  • Fixed issue where expected status code ranges would not be parsed until ignored status codes were also defined.

  • Added an input changelog_file to pass in name of changelog. This defaults to NEWS.md but some repos use CHANGELOG.md

  • Abstracted bin/prepare-release.js to work against other repositories.

  • Added reusable prepare-release workflow that can be referenced in all other newrelic Node.js repositories.

  • Updated pending PRs workflow to check all repos the team owns.

  • Changed the event type from pull_request to pull_request_target to allow for auto assign of PRs to the Node.js Engineering Board

  • Fixed add to board workflow to properly pass repository secrets into reusable board workflow.

  • Changes token used to post issues to org level project board

  • Runs versioned tests for external modules against tests defined in the external repository instead of tests published in npm modules.

  • Added a reusable workflow to automatically add issues to the Node.js Engineering Board when created.

  • Added CI job to update system configurations with new agent version on release.

  • Moved methods.js under bluebird versioned test folder.

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