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Node.js agent v6.10.0

June 22, 2020Download

New Features

  • Additional Transaction Information applied to Span Events
    • When Distributed Tracing and/or Infinite Tracing are enabled, the Agent will now incorporate additional information from the Transaction Event on to the currently available Span Event of the transaction.
      • The following items are affected:
        • aws-lambda related attributes
        • error.message
        • error.class
        • error.expected
        • http.statusCode
        • http.statusText
        • message.*
        • parent.type
        • parent.app
        • parent.account
        • parent.transportType
        • parent.transportDuration
        • Request Parameters request.parameters.*
        • request.header.*
        • request.method
        • request.uri
    • Custom Attributes
      • Custom transaction attributes added via API.addCustomAttribute or API.addCustomAttributes will now be propagated to the currently active span, if available.
    • Security Recommendation:
      • Review your Transaction Event attributes configuration. Any attribute include or exclude setting specific to Transaction Events should be applied to your Span Attributes configuration or global attributes configuration. Please see Node.js agent attributes for more on how to configure.


  • Upgraded @grpc/grpc-js from 1.0.3 to 1.0.4
  • Modified redis callback-less versioned test to use commandQueueLength as indicator redis command has completed and test can continue. This is in effort to further reduce these test flickers. Additionally, added wait for client 'ready' before moving on to tests.
  • Updated force secret test runs to run on branch pushes to the main repository.
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