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Install EKS add-on from AWS marketplace

December 1, 2023

Monitor EKS cluster with New Relic

Monitor your AWS EKS Clusters with New Relic EKS integration, available on AWS EKS Marketplace. New Relic offers end-to-end visualization on cluster metrics and events, and our new add-on eliminates the time consuming process of installing the helm charts manually.

A screenshot showing K8s operator in AWS Marketplace

Installation of the New Relic EKS integration offers the following advantages:

  • Check health of your nodes in your cluster: Monitor the status of each node and the resources available to them, such as CPU and memory usage.
  • Customizable CRDs: Create Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs) to enable/disable various pods as per the monitoring requirements.
  • Detailed events: View detailed Kubernetes events to monitor health of the cluster.

Check out our documentation for eks-add-on.

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