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Video analytics dashboards now available for Datazoom and Mux

September 14, 2023

New quickstart integrations help monitor all your services—including video—in one place to enhance video quality of experience

New Relic, Mux, and Datazoom

Our connected infrastructure and APM experience allows you to correlate your app performance with video streaming performance. We’re announcing quickstarts dashboards from our partners Datazoom and Mux that enable you to centralize your streaming performance data in the New Relic platform.

Datazoom Integration

Datazoom offers a Data-as-a-Service platform offering collection, processing and delivery of data in real-time, with special capabilities around auto-collection for video events and metadata. Datazoom removes data silos caused by vertical SaaS integrations by offering one integration to generate one unified, real-time dataset, that can be delivered to any data storage or analytics tool, like New Relic.

We’ve partnered with Datazoom Relic to create a dashboard that visualizes data from Datazoom to track core KPIs and monitor metrics relating to Audience, Content, QoE (quality of experience), and Advertising. Beyond tracking KPIs, Engineering, Product, AdOps teams can use this dashboard to gain a deeper understanding behind the location and cause of issues, and enable faster Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR), when analyzing data from Datazoom.

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Datazoom quickstart dashboard

Mux Integration

Mux provides video infrastructure that makes it easy for development teams to get actionable data at industry-leading scale, and build video into their products quickly and reliably.

We’ve partnered with Mux to build an integration that offers enhanced observability across the entire customer video experience, including devices, players, transcoders, origin servers, CDNs, and more. This enables users to identify potential system failures and bottlenecks along the entire delivery chain—expediting troubleshooting cycles and empowering teams to maintain high QoE and leading to increased viewer engagement and revenue generation.

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