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Unlock the power of daily insights with New Relic APM 360

June 26, 2023

Prevent issues with a unified view of telemetry across the stack and all development stages.

New Relic APM 360 seamlessly correlates all essential telemetry data throughout the application stack and development cycle. From deployment changes to Service Level Objects (SLOs), logs, infrastructure, errors, security, distributed tracing, and beyond, it empowers engineers with indispensable daily insights to enhance application health and performance. No matter their role or expertise level, all engineers can understand the upstream and downstream impacts of issues, identify emerging trends, and proactively prevent problems from arising.

Here's what you can do with APM 360:

  • Gain daily insights: Get an at-a-glance summary of application performance across the stack and development stages, including alerts, deployments, service levels, and vulnerabilities to identify emerging issues.
  • Troubleshoot faster: Access a unified view of the entire stack, with golden signals, infrastructure details, error user impact view, and upcoming additions like distributed tracing and log patterns.
  • Eliminate monitoring gaps: Identify and address gaps in monitoring, such as uninstrumented services, missing alerts, SLOs, and vulnerabilities.
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