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Send notifications to OpsLevel service catalog

June 22, 2023

Connect your workflows to OpsLevel and get ahead of performance issues and alerts

You can now send workflow and notification data to OpsLevel as a destination, using a webhook integration.

The OpsLevel internal developer portal (IDP) empowers your team to self-serve the tools and information they need to quickly build and ship high quality software. With a combination of cataloging, standardization, and developer self-service features, OpsLevel helps engineering teams fix, build, and maintain software easily from a single access point. The OpsLevel integration surfaces the status of your services within the context of your full production environment, so you can easily understand the upstream and downstream impacts of an alert to triage more confidently and make fixes faster.

Benefits include:

  • Set yourself up to avoid incidents, performance issues, or gaps in your observability data streams
  • Give your team real-time visibility of production status across your software ecosystem
  • Keep your team informed of alerts and notify the correct people to help resolve them

Learn how to set up the webhook integration in the video below, or read the documentation and OpsLevel blog post.

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