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New Relic supports AWS Verified Access

April 28, 2023

Connect safely to your corporate applications without VPN and have a complete view of all your access logs

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) now offers a simple, secure way to connect to your corporate applications through a web browser. Currently, IT teams rely on VPN policies, identity based policies, and device based policies to validate access. This requires multiple teams to ensure secure access is maintained at all times. To reduce this overhead burden, AWS has launched AWS Verified Access which provides zero trust connectivity and zero trust network access, allowing you to work from anywhere and by-passing the need to rely on VPN for access to your corporate applications.

With this integration, verified access logs are sent to New Relic so that every access request, whether allowed or denied can be displayed on a unified dashboard, which customers can use for troubleshooting, auditability, compliance, or to investigate security incidents.

Access logs for AWS Verified Access displayed in New Relic

AWS Verified Access logs displayed in New Relic
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