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Enhance visibility of internet performance for your applications with new Amazon CloudWatch Internet Monitor integration

February 28, 2023

Now our customers can get insights into internet performance of their applications using the New Relic CloudWatch Internet Monitor integration.

Amazon CloudWatch Internet Monitor integration

New Relic is pleased to partner with AWS to allow joint customers send their CloudWatch Internet Monitor data to New Relic.

Doing so, customers have an opportunity of continuous observability of internet measurements, such as availability and performance, tailored to their workload footprint on AWS.

Also it can be done without modifying application code, and without impacting the performance of workloads.

AWS CloudWatch Internet Monitor

To prepare for this integration, be sure to link your Amazon and New Relic account either via streaming (recommended) or via polling methods.

For the recommended streaming approach, an Amazon Kinesis Delivery stream and CloudWatch Metric Stream should be set on your Amazon account. If "Metrics being streamed" aren't set to "All namespaces" in your CloudWatch Metric Stream, make sure "InternetMonitor" is selected.

Once the integration has been enabled, wait for some time then look for your data in one.newrelic.com > Metrics and events, and then filter by aws.internetmonitor.

See your data in New Relic


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