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Enhance your dashboards with new customization features

November 21, 2022

Get more flexibility in your data visualizations with Markdown, color customization, null value options, units, and time range override

New chart customization options

New Relic dashboards let you analyze telemetry data across your entire stack, regardless of the source. Dashboards are a flexible way for engineering teams to visualize data however they want by combining pre-made templates, native platform visualizations, custom queries, and more—all in one place.

Now there are more ways to upgrade your dashboards, including:

  • Markdown widget: Add rich custom content to your dashboards such as links, checklists, tables, and text formatting.
  • Custom colors: Highlight key information or choose a preferred color palette for each data series.
  • Null value options: Four options to display, transform, or remove null points.
  • Unit labels: Increase chart detail and clarity with custom units per series.
  • Override time picker: Analyze different time ranges in a single dashboard.

See it in action

Check out the video below to see an interactive demo:

See some use cases and how to make the most of the Markdown widget:

Try it yourself with the template dashboard

Screenshot showing sample dashboard in New Relic

Import the sample dashboard to test out the new customization options.

You can explore the customization options by following the steps in this hands-on blog. It shows shows you how to import the pre-made template dashboard, describes each option, and demonstrates how to use them in your own charts.

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