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Pixie launches low memory mode to reduce resource requirements

September 20, 2022

Low memory mode is now a viable option for more clusters.

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Deploy Pixie to more clusters with reduced memory requirements.

  1. We've reduced Pixie's memory requirements by 50%, dropping its minimum memory requirement down to 1 GB.
  2. Systems with as little as 4GB of total memory are now viable to run Pixie (to accommodate application pods, we recommend that no more than 25% of the nodes' total memory be allocated to Pixie).
  3. For larger clusters, we still recommend using the default 2 GB memory configuration for optimal performance.

How to get started

  • By default, the vizier-pem's memory request is the same as the limit.
  • If you want to specify a different memory request, you can add the following configuration parameter to your Helm chart during installation. For example, for a 1 GB memory request you'd use: --set pixie-chart.pemMemoryRequest=1Gi

Learn more in our Pixie docs.

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