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New obfuscation features now available in log management

June 1, 2022

The new functionality makes it easy to keep sensitive data out of logs

New Relic makes it easy for you to ensure data privacy and follow your organization's logs security guidelines with new obfuscation options now available for our log management feature.

Log obfuscation requires that your organization be on our newer pricing model and have the Data Plus option.

Define regular expressions to mask or hash data you want to protect and easily create custom rules before sensitive information is being stored, all directly available in the Logs user interface without the need for lengthy manual configurations.

Try it out:

  1. Go to Logs in New Relic and from the left nav, select Obfuscation.
  2. Select Create expression or Create obfuscation rule to get started.

New Relic's log management already helps you troubleshoot issues faster with simplified navigation, dashboard visualizations, the best logs in context, and now, a simple way to control what log data you may be required to protect.

To know more, see our docs on log management security and privacy and our docs about the Data Plus option.

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