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API monitoring with the Postman integration

April 6, 2022

Get instant API observability with the Postman integration and quickstart

Introducing API Monitoring with the Postman integration

We’ve partnered with Postman to make it easier to monitor the functionality and performance of your APIs and Postman monitors alongside the rest of your observability data. Now, you can get deeper pre-production API metrics down to the individual endpoint level. You can also use the two-way integration to receive contextual data about deployments from New Relic One in the Postman API platform.

A quickstart to API Observability

Get instant observability into critical metrics such as latency, request counts, and error rates in context of all their telemetry data. Start monitoring your API performance for free by installing the Postman quickstart at New Relic I/O. It gives you a pre-built dashboard in minutes. See how it works in the video below:


  • Unified visibility: View API metrics (response time, errors, failed test, etc.) alongside application and infrastructure metrics in one unified and customizable dashboard.
  • Alert on API performance: Leverage New Relic’s advanced alerting capability such as self-adjusting thresholds, anomaly detection, and outlier detection so you get notified when your APIs have poor performance.
  • Debug performance issues in context: Debug performance issues by comparing the performance of your APIs (such as latency metrics) and functionality (such as response correctness) with full stack metrics (CPU, RAM usage, and network stats) in context.
  • Easy access: Existing New Relic customers with full platform access can set up the integration for no additional cost. New customers can get started for free without a credit card. The integration is available to all Postman customers including free-tier users.

Get started

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