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Distributed tracing for Mobile

April 14, 2021

Get visibility to the entire journey of requests, originating in your mobile app as they travel through distributed systems

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Our new mobile monitoring agents now support distributed tracing! This new feature enables you to see your mobile app activity and connects it directly to the related services that power your app’s experience. By having this enabled, you are now able to see your mobile frontend spans and backend spans in the same waterfall view.

What do I need to do to take advantage of distributed tracing for Mobile?

Nothing, as long as you are using the latest version! It has been turned on by default. If you have mobile agents running, you may have already started seeing distributed tracing data. If you aren’t seeing mobile distributed tracing data, you may need to update your agents.

Will this increase my data volume?

Yes it will. If you’d like to turn off distributed tracing for mobile, please read these instructions for Android and iOS. Learn more about iOS compatibility by clicking Learn more above.

Where can I view Mobile DT data?

You will see the distributed tracing nav item when looking at an individual mobile application and also be able to access those traces from the distributed tracing app.

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