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Nerdlog Roundup: Root cause analysis, topology (relationship-based) correlation, and more!

March 18, 2021

Reduce your MTTR with free Automatic Proactive Anomaly Detection, find problems fast with root cause analysis, and increase context for issues using topology correlation.

Cut MTTR with Free Automatic Proactive Anomaly Detection

If you’ve worked in Ops for any period of time, you’ve seen services fail that you wish had sent you an alert when they started acting up. With New Relic’s anomaly detection, you can use the power of AIOps to warn you when a service looks like it’s in trouble. Proactive Anomaly Detection is now automatically enabled for all your apps and services, without configuration and for free, to help you detect problems and flag pesky patterns faster.

Sr. Product Manager Devin Cheevers and Principal Product Manager Nate Heinrich Senior Product Manager Devin Cheevers gives us an overview of where you can view your anomalies in New Relic One. Check out the Applied Intelligence anomalies feed, join the conversation, and review the docs for more info.

Find problems fast with root cause analysis

We know that it can be hard understanding why, when, and where issues occur in your stack. Now, New Relic One will analyze issues and propose a root cause automatically on an issue page in Alerts & AI. Instead of looking at a single event, you’ll see a grouping of events and even possible attributes to investigate.

Devin and Nate show us how and why New Relic’s root cause analysis helps you spend your time working on things that matter.

Increase context for issues using topology correlation

We want to provide you with the right context so that you can prioritize problems accurately and efficiently.

Nate closed out the show explaining how topology (relationship-based) correlation uses multiple systems to discover how anomalies may be connected, and increases the quality of your event correlations and speed at which they are found.

Check out the ‘AIOps Made Easy’ posts in What’s New for even more information on the AI ops goodness.

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