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Nerdlog Roundup: Muting rules, custom data visualizations, and more AIOps fun!

March 8, 2021

Smarter incident intelligence and custom data visualizations

Finding anomalies with New Relic AIOps

Sr. Product Manager Devin Cheevers shows how our Anomalies feed can help give you a great overview of any changes or issues within your system. Learn more about anomalies here and view your anomalies here in New Relic One.

Using AI to find correlated failures

Principal Product Manager Nate Heinrich shows us how anomalies and alerts can be automatically correlated with other data sources via incident intelligence.

Smart alert muting

Sr. Product Manager Brian Goleno shows us how to use muting rules to stop being bombarded by messages you don't want. Once you've spotted the common elements in your unwanted notifications, you can define muting rules that specifically target those elements, while letting other notifications through. Even when a notification is muted, Alerts still gathers data on those incidents, which is visible in Applied Intelligence. Learn more about muting rules here and enable muting rules in New Relic One

Custom data visualizations

Sr. Software Engineer Jewels Nocera gives us a detailed overview of creating custom visualizations to display data exactly how you want in New Relic One.

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