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Nerdlog Roundup: See hosts, services, containers, and more in one view with New Relic Navigator

March 10, 2021

See hundreds of entities in a compact, high-level view

In the modern microservice world, we all have more hosts, services, and containers running than any person can easily keep track of.

In the latest Nerdlog episode, Matthew Demyttenaere, Product Manager for the New Relic Navigator, shares how every user can embrace microservice architecture with access to a new high-powered view that gives real insight into your whole stack, all from a single view. Check out the blog for more information about getting started.

Now when you’re awoken in the middle of the night, the Navigator’s honeycomb view gives you the “traffic light” status for all of your entities at once so that you can quickly explore the health of your environment at a glance.

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