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Pop-overs provide a lot of direction in a small space for our readers. Popovers give quick inline definitions of key concepts, and provide a path to learn more in the docs or try it out in the UI.

Using pop-overs

A pop-over is written in a JSON file, and can be put into any doc you like using the following format:

<InlinePopover type="title" />

Where title is the name of the component in the JSON file. In the screenshot above, synthetics is the pop-over used.

The Keyboard Maestro macro for pop-overs is kkpopover

Creating or editing pop-overs

Pop-overs are contained within an editable JSON file. You can edit the file to create your own pop-overs using the procedure below:

Open the JSON file in VS Code.

Copy and paste an existing pop-over, and modify it as needed for the pop-over you want to create.

  • The first line is the "title" of the pop-over used in the format example above.

  • inlineText is the text that appears in the doc you put the component in, before the user hovers over the pop-over.

  • header is the title of the pop-over once it displays.

  • text is the copy that displays in the body of the pop-over.

  • learnMoreUrl is the URL of the doc you want to send the reader to for more information.

  • primaryButton is the text of the main button as it appears in the pop-over.

  • primaryButtonUrl is the link you want the button to send the reader to when clicked.

  • secondaryButton is the text of the right-most button as it appears in the pop-over.

  • secondaryButtonUrl is the link you want the right-most button to send the reader to when clicked.

    Keep the list in the JSON file in alphabetical order to make things easier to find.

Test the popover locally.

Open a PR based on your changes, and contact someone in Docs Eng to have them review.

Once the PR is reviewed and merged, you can use your new pop-over in any doc you like!

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