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Node browser runtime release notesRSS

January 17, 2023
Node browser runtime v1.1.79


  • Fixes CVE-2022-41940 by updating the necessary Node modules.

Node browser runtime v1.1.78


  • Reverts the changes made to utilize Chrome's DeclarativeNetRequest.

December 1, 2022
Node browser runtime v1.1.704


  • Adds node-vault to allow customers to integrate with Hashicorp vault for secrets management.
  • Adds OTPAuth for customers to use single sign on.

November 29, 2022
Node browser runtime v1.1.70


  • Removed support for net-ping module

November 10, 2022
Node browser runtime v1.1.68


  • Kubernetes job managers should be running jobs successfully again, after having their queues backed up with jobs due to having the JOB_ID
  • Simple and Scripted monitors with successful checks should not have unrelated timeout error anymore

November 4, 2022
Node browser runtime v1.1.65


  • Required all needed modules at the start of the runtime which allowed the kick off the builds sooner resulting in some saved time in the performance metrics.
  • Simple Browser monitors should run faster due to having timeout limits set on requests for SSL checks
  • Added headers to all matching domains, but not urls that do not share the base domain
  • Improved performance for allow and deny lists

October 10, 2022
Node browser runtime v1.1.46

New Features

  • Allowed custom headers to be passed to the cert check, which helps prevent cert checks from failing on endpoints depending on custom headers.
  • Parsed cookies from response headers and added them to the redirect headers, which helps prevent certification checks from failing on endpoints that depend on cookies.


  • Proper cookie handling

October 5, 2022
Node browser runtime v2.0.35


  • Removes deprecation warnings for $driver and $browser
  • Fixes missing har on timed out jobs

October 4, 2022
Node browser runtime v1.1.36


  • Improved alerts for accounts that aren't up-to-date on node security requirements.

September 15, 2022
Node browser runtime v1.1.33


  • Lowered our Cert Check SecLevel down, so a bunch of monitor failing due to low security standards, will stop failing.

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