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Node API runtime release notesRSS

December 1, 2022
Node API runtime v1.1.28

New Features

  • Exposed the OTPAuth node package for customers to use single sign on.

November 10, 2022
Node API runtime v1.1.25


  • Kubernetes job managers should be running jobs successfully again, after having their queues backed up with jobs due to having the JOB_ID

October 14, 2022
Node API runtime v1.1.23


  • Removed the job from the result, to reduce the amount of data we are sending to Job Manager. This change was to improve performance metrics.

October 4, 2022
Node API runtime v1.1.20


  • Self-signed certs do not fail the monitor by default anymore

September 23, 2022
Node API runtime v1.1.19

New Features

  • Exposed the $request node package


  • Made the rejectUnauthorized option false by default, to stop failing monitors with self-signed certs

September 15, 2022
Node API runtime v1.1.17

New Features

  • Allowed customers able to redirect traffic to proxy via $network.setProxyForHttp

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