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Browser agent v1227

March 9, 2023

New Features

Add INP and long tasks reporting

The interaction-to-next-paint metric is now calculated and reported at the end of user sessions, via the Google CWV library. In addition, long continuously executed and blocking scripts detected by the PerformanceLongTaskTiming API are also forwarded to New Relic. This latter functionality is off by default, until a curated UI experience is created to utilize this data.

Bug Fixes

Revert unwrapping of globals on agent abort

Partial revert of graceful handling change made in v1225 that unwrapped modified global APIs and handlers, which caused integration issues with other wrapping libraries and code.

Add resiliency around SPA interaction saving

Added resiliency code around SPA interaction node save functionality to ensure a cancelled interaction node without a parent further up the interaction tree does not cause an exception to be raised from the agent.


Add internal metrics to evaluate feasibility page resource harvests

Internal metrics were added to track the feasibility and impact of collecting page resource information using the PerformanceObserver resource timings, such as scripts, images, network calls, and more.

Collect supportability metrics at the end of page life

Collate all of the internal statistic metrics calls, which, as of today, are sent at page start and periodically into one call made when the end user is leaving the page.

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