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Browser agent v1226

February 23, 2023

New Features

Enable back/forward cache

Updating the agent default configuration to enable the back/forward cache feature previously released in version 1222 by default.

Bug Fixes

Revert xhr deny list timeslice metrics

Customers were losing visibility into all calls on the page when denying timeslice metrics based on the deny list. This change reverts to the behavior seen in all previous versions of the browser agent.

Handle unhandledPromiseRejections more gracefully

The agent will attempt to handle niche objects throw from unhandledPromiseRejection events more gracefully. These cases could include objects with frozen or static properties, or custom extensions of the Error class without a set method in place.

Disable metrics for missing entitlement

Fixing issue where metrics harvesting was not being halted when the agent RUM call indicated the account did not have entitlement to the jserrors endpoint. Before this change, customers missing this entitlement would see network calls to the New Relic jserrors endpoint result in 403 or 409 errors.

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