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Browser agent v1225

February 10, 2023

New Features

Gracefully abort agent if not fully instantiated

When importing of agent code fails, as when content gets blocked, the agent will clean up memory, the global scope, and any wrapped or modified APIs as much as feasible.

Bug Fixes

Resolve Google indexing of agent relative paths

In previous versions, the agent script included relative paths to its lazy-loaded chunks, which Googlebot picked up and attempted to index as pages. This change removes those relatives paths from the loader and centralizes our lazy chunk loading of agent features.

Refactor wrapping of Promise object

The agent's wrapping of the Promise object has been refactored to address conflicts with third party libraries and to add newer methods available on the native object. The new wrapping implementation is more conventional and less error-prone.

Fix uncaught promise error introduced in v1223

In some cases of failure to import agent script chunk "629", an error was thrown rather than caught and logged as a warning. The uncaught promise error responsible for this unintended behavior has been fixed.

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