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Browser agent v1214

January 6, 2022


Added NetworkInformation attributes to LCP & FI

The Largest Contentful Paint (largestContentfulPaint) and First Interaction (firstInteraction) PageViewTiming events will now include attributes from the NetworkInformation API (on compatible browsers) observed on the page. This includes network type (networkType), round trip time (rtt) and downlink (downlink).

Added element identification attributes to LargestContentfulPaint

LargestContentfulPaint PageViewTiming events will now include the elementTagName attribute which represents the triggering element's tag name. If the triggering element is an image, the event will also include the elementUrl representing the image URL if present.

Included page view timing data in session trace payload

If observed, the agent will now include PageViewTiming events in the session trace waterfall payload. These events will be available in an upcoming update to the session traces UI.

Added session trace IDs to harvests

If a session trace is active on a page, a session trace ID associated with that trace will now be appended to all subsequent events generated on the page for the linking of session-related datasets downstream. This ID will be appended to any payload that sent after a session trace has been started. PageView events are generated before session traces begin and will not contain this ID and in most cases Initial Page Load BrowserInteraction events complete before a session trace begins and are not guaranteed to contain this ID.

Bug fixes

Exclude Data URL requests from Ajax events and metrics

Previously, XMLHttpRequest and Fetch calls made with Data URLs could prevent the agent from harvesting data.

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