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Browser agent v1.252.0

February 12, 2024



Add types mappings for esm distribution

Adding typescript types mappings for the ESM distribution in the npm package.

Report config changes away from default state for UX improvement

Detect if the default config values have been altered at runtime. This is useful to evaluate what the reasonable defaults are across a customer base over time to provide a better UX.

Create more granular metrics about stylesheet fix success

Utilize a finer granularity when collecting success metrics on local stylesheet fixes for Session Replay compatibility.

Align browser reported uncaught syntax errors

Aligning the data reported for uncaught syntax errors across modern browsers. Chrome specifically fails to include the file name and line number in instances of SyntaxError. This could also cause issue in the New Relic error inbox where Chrome syntax errors were not being properly grouped.

Capture Internal Metrics for Session Replay Configurations

Capture supportability metrics sounding Session Replay configuration usage to improve user experiences around configuration of the agent's Session Replay feature.

Bug fixes

Add safe logic to snapshots

Safe-guarded a race condition where an asynchronous call to fix a stylesheet could trigger the agent to try to force a snapshot after it has already stopped recording due to a visibility change.

Fix adblock memory leak

Fixed memory leaks caused by request resolve failure (e.G. due to adblocker). Thanks to community member @Joe-Degler for contributing this fix.

Support statement

New Relic recommends that you upgrade the agent regularly to ensure that you're getting the latest features and performance benefits. Older releases will no longer be supported when they reach end-of-life. Release dates are reflective of the original publish date of the agent version.

New browser agent releases are rolled out to customers in small stages over a period of time. Because of this, the date the release becomes accessible to your account may not match the original publish date. Please see this status dashboard for more information.

Consistent with our browser support policy, v1.252.0 of the Browser agent was built for and tested against these browsers and version ranges: Chrome 112-121, Edge 112-120, Safari 16-17, and Firefox 113-121. For mobile devices, v1.251.1 was built and tested for Android Chrome 100-121 and iOS Safari 15.5-16.2.

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