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Android agent v5.12.0

March 8, 2017Download

New in this release

Updates to recording custom events

With this agent release, Mobile custom events are now recorded as their own event type in New Relic Insights. Until this release, custom events for New Relic Mobile were bundled under the "Mobile" event type (category='Custom'). This release includes a new method to be used for adding custom events: recordCustomEvent. The previously used method for this, recordEvent, is now deprecated. This update is to satisfy customer requests for:

  • Improved Insights query performance
  • Defining your own custom event names
  • Finding custom events in Insights more easily
  • Flexibility to define data retention per custom event type (1 day default; more with Insights Pro)

For this and the next several releases, we will continue to support the previous method for custom events (recordEvent) to avoid impact on your queries and existing dashboards.

Fixed in this release

  • Ignore BaseFragmentActivityGingerbread base class when auto-instrumenting activities.
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