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Android agent v5.11.0

February 28, 2017Download

New in this release

Adds recording of network request error events

The agent now generates MobileRequestError events describing failures in network requests. This new event tracks networking and HTTP errors, and includes attributes for common request properties. More details can be found at Mobile Request Error Events.

Adds additional session attributes

  • lastInteraction allows you to see in Insights, what the most common exit screen was for customers across all sessions or a filtered selection of sessions.
  • appBuild allow developers to view the adoption of a new build, particularly if rolled out under an existing app version number. Originally, this was only available on crash events.
  • architecture and runTime allow you to see the hardware type and Java runtime version the of the device on which the app is running. Both values are taken form the device's system properties, and are useful for debugging device-specific issues.

Fixed in this release

  • Fix the minimum utilization instrumentation filter

    Slow interaction trace capture relied on an incorrectly interpreted minimum utilization value. In some cases you may see more slow interaction traces than previous agent versions. Please reach out to support if you are not seeing slow interaction traces.

  • Fix crash when using OkHttp 3.2.0 web sockets

    Although the Android agent does not officially support OkHttp versions prior to 3.4, this fix avoids crashes that may occur when including 3rd-party libraries that may depend on those versions of OkHttp.

  • Warn when agent and class rewriter versions do not match

    Instead of halting a build of the application, the agent will warn of this benign scenario. Agent JAR version mismatch sometimes occurs when upgrading to a new agent version.

  • Fix ConcurrentModificationException crash

    This change addresses a rarely seen crash that occurs during agent start-up.

  • Move remaining sampler shutdown to background thread

    This change addresses a lag seen during interaction trace completion.

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