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Docs version: March 29–April 4, 2024

April 5, 2024


We're trying out release notes to let you know what's changing in our docs each week. This is an experiment, so let us know via GitHub issue if you find them helpful!

New docs

Major changes

  • Synthetic monitoring job manager docs now describe how to configure user-defined variables for scripted monitors and what job manager version supports doing so.
  • Continued rewrite of on-host integration docs to make it easier to install and ensure the docs are accurate and up to date. Up this week: Sonarqube and Windows services.
  • Cross application tracing is deprecated and won't be supported in future APM agent versions. We updated the docs to reflect this.
  • Removed docs related to OpenTelemetry cumulative metrics, which was deprecated in 2023.

Minor changes

Release notes and What's new posts

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