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Diagnostics CLI (nrdiag) v1.12.32

January 11, 2021


  • Diagnostics CLI will validate the Java agent configuration that has been done through Java System Properties.
  • Infra/Env/NrjmxBeans - Validates that the mbeans that the user wants to query with the New Relic JMX integration are available for the integration to pull from. This task is available for Linux and Windows.
  • Infra/Env/ValidateZookeeperPath - Validates that the setting for zookeeper_path (found in kafka-config.yml) is a valid path for the New Relic Kafka integration.

Bug fixes

  • Java/Env/Process - This task validates that the New Relic Java agent jar has been correctly added to the -javavagent argument. However, previously, it would only validate those jars that were explicitly named newrelic.jar. We have changed that behavior to look for a jar that could include that version in the filename.
  • Infra/Config/ValidateJMX - The nrdiag-output.json will include information about the Java version and non-sensitive command line arguments for JMX. This data is mainly relevant for Support troubleshooting. Additionally, this health check now can run on Windows.
  • Java/JVM/Permissions - It will not validate permissions for a log path that has been commented out from the Java agent config file.
  • Infra/Config/IntegrationsMatch - This validation will no longer require the presence of on-host integration (OHI) definitions files when the user has an infrastructure agent 1.8.0 or newer and the OHI config file is using the newer configuration format.


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