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Ruby agent v8.9.0

July 11, 2022Download


  • Add support for Dalli 3.1.0 to Dalli 3.2.2

    Dalli versions 3.1.0 and above include breaking changes where the agent previously hooked into the gem. We have updated our instrumentation to correctly hook into Dalli 3.1.0 and above. At this time, 3.2.2 is the latest Dalli version and is confirmed to be supported.

  • Bugfix: Infinite Tracing hung on connection restart

    Previously, when using infinite tracing, the agent would intermittently encounter a deadlock when attempting to restart the infinite tracing connection. This bug would prevent the agent from sending all data types, including non-infinite-tracing-related data. This change reworks how we restart Infinite Tracing to prevent potential deadlocks.

  • Bugfix: Use read_nonblock instead of read on pipe

    Previously, our PipeChannelManager was using read which could cause resque jobs to get stuck in some versions. This change updates the PipeChannelManager to use read_nonblock instead to avoid this issue.

Support statement

New Relic recommends that you upgrade the agent regularly and at a minimum every 3 months. As of this release, the oldest supported version is

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