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Ruby agent v8.8.0

June 2, 2022Download


  • Support Makara database adapters with ActiveRecord

    Thanks to a community submission from lucasklaassen with PR #1177, the Ruby agent will now correctly work well with the Makara gem. Functionality such as SQL obfuscation should now work when Makara database adapters are used with Active Record.

  • Lowered the minimum payload size to compress

    Previously the Ruby agent used a particularly large payload size threshold of 64KiB that would need to be met before the agent would compress data en route to New Relic's collector. The original value stems from segfault issues that very old Rubies (older than 2.2) used to encounter when compressing smaller payloads. This value has been lowered to 2KiB (2048 bytes), which should provide a more optimal balance between the CPU cycles spent on compression and the bandwidth savings gained from it.

  • Provide Code Level Metrics for New Relic CodeStream

    For Ruby on Rails applications and/or those with manually traced methods, the agent is now capable of reporting metrics with Ruby method-level granularity. When the new code_level_metrics.enabled configuration parameter is set to a true value, the agent will associate source-code-related metadata with the metrics for things such as Rails controller methods. Then, when the corresponding Ruby class file that defines the methods is loaded up in a New Relic CodeStream-powered IDE, the four golden signals for each method will be presented to the developer directly.

  • Supportability Metrics will always report uncompressed payload size

    New Relic's agent specifications call for Supportability Metrics to always reference the uncompressed payload byte size. Previously, the Ruby agent was calculating the byte size after compression. Furthermore, compression is only performed on payloads of a certain size. This means that sometimes the value could have represented a compressed size and sometimes an uncompressed one. Now the uncompressed value is always used, bringing consistency for comparing two instances of the same metric and alignment with the New Relic agent specifications.

Support statement

New Relic recommends that you upgrade the agent regularly and at a minimum every 3 months. As of this release, the oldest supported version is

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