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Ruby agent v8.11.0

October 11, 2022Download


Version 8.11.0 of the agent updates the newrelic deployments command to work with API keys issued to newer accounts, fixes a memory leak in the instrumentation of Curb error handling, further preps for Ruby 3.2.0 support, and includes several community member driven cleanup and improvement efforts. Thank you to everyone involved!

  • Added support for New Relic REST API v2 when using newrelic deployments command

    Previously, the newrelic deployments command only supported the older version of the deployments api, which does not currently support newer license keys. Now you can use the New Relic REST API v2 to record deployments by providing your user API key to the agent configuration using api_key. When this configuration option is present, the newrelic deployments command will automatically use the New Relic REST API v2 deployment endpoint. PR#1461

    Thank you to @Arkham for bringing this to our attention!

  • Cleanup: Performance tests, constants, rubocop-minitest assertions and refutations

    Community member @esquith contributed a whole slew of cleanup successes for our performance test configuration, orphaned constants in our code base, and RuboCop related improvements. PR#1406 PR#1408 PR#1409 PR#1411

    Thank you @esquith for these great contributions!

  • CI: Notify on a change from failure to success

    A super handy, much beloved feature of certain CI and build systems is to not only notify when builds start to fail, but also to notify again when the builds once again start to go green. Community member @luigieai was able to figure out how to configure our existing complex, multiple-3rd-party-action based GitHub Actions pipeline to notify on a switch back to success from failure. PR#1519

    This is much appreciated! Thank you, @luigieai.

  • Spelling corrections

    Community member @jsoref, author of the Check Spelling GitHub Action, contributed a significant number of spelling corrections throughout the code base. The intelligent issues that were flagged made for a more comprehensive review than a simple dictionary based check would have been able to provide, and the changes are much appreciated. PR#1508

    Thank you very much, @jsoref!

  • Ruby 3.2.0-preview2 compatibility

    Ruby 3.2.0-preview1 introduced a change to the way that Ruby reports VM stats and the approach was changed yet again to a 3rd approach with the preview2 release. New Relic reports on Ruby VM stats and is keeping track of the Ruby 3.2 development process to help ensure our customers with a smooth and worthwhile upgrade process once Ruby 3.2.0 (non-preview) is released. PR#1436

  • Bugfix: Fix memory leak in the Curb instrumentation

    Community member @charkost was able to rework the on_failure callback logic prepped via the agent's Curb instrumentation in order to avoid some nesting that was causing memory leaks. PR#1518

    Many thanks for both the heads up on the issue and the fix, @charkost!

Support statement

New Relic recommends that you upgrade the agent regularly and at a minimum every 3 months. As of this release, the oldest supported version is

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