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Ruby agent v4.5.0.337

September 28, 2017


  • Send synthetics headers even when CAT disabled

    The agent now sends synthetics headers whenever they are received from an external request, even if cross-application tracing is disabled.

  • Bugfix for DelayedJob Daemonization

    Customers using the delayed_job script that ships with the gem may encounter an IOError with a message indicating the stream was closed. This was due to the agent attempting to write a byte into a Pipe that was closed during the deamonization of the delayed_job script. This issue has been fixed.

  • Collect supportability metrics for public API

    The agent now collects Supportability/API/{method} metrics to track usage of all methods in the agent's public API.

  • Collect supportability metrics on Module#prepend

    The agent now collects Supportability/PrependedModules/{Module} metrics for ActiveRecord 4 and 5, ActionController 4 and 5, ActionView 4 and 5, ActiveJob 5, and ActionCable 5. These help track the adoption of the Module#prepend method so we can maintain compatibility with newer versions of Ruby and Rails.

  • Collect explain plans when using PostGIS ActiveRecord adapter

    The agent will now collect slow SQL explain plans, if configured to, on connections using the PostGIS adapter. Thanks Ari Pollak for the contribution!

  • Lazily Intialize New Relic Config

    The agent will lazily initialize the New Relic config. This allows the agent to pickup configuration from environment variables set by dotenv and similar tools.

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