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Ruby agent v3.17.1.326

November 8, 2016Download


  • Datastore instance reporting for Redis, MongoDB, and memcached

    The agent now collects datastore instance information for Redis, MongoDB, and memcached. This information is displayed in transaction traces and slow query traces. For memcached only, multi requests will expand to individual server nodes, and the operation and key(s) will show in the trace details "Database query" section. Metrics for get_multi nodes will change slightly. Parent nodes for a get_multi will be recorded as generic segments. Their children will be recorded as datastore segments under the name get_multi_request and represent a batch request to a single Memcached instance.

  • Rescue errors from attempts to fetch slow query explain plans

    For slow queries through ActiveRecord 4+, the agent will attempt to fetch an explain plan on SELECT statements. In the event that this causes an error, such as being run on an adapter that doesn't implement exec_query, the agent will now rescue and log those errors. n

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