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PHP agent v9.4.0.249

December 5, 2019Download

Known issues and workarounds

Potential memory exhaustion for long running transactions

New features in 9.4

Added support for PHP 7.4

Request URI attribute is now captured

Upgrade Notices

  • For cross agent conformance, the agent attributes request.headers.User-Agent and httpResponseCode are renamed to request.headers.userAgent and response.statusCode. The value response.StatusCode is changed to an integer.
    • Attributes are reported with both the new and the legacy attribute names.
    • Support for legacy attribute names will be removed in future agent versions.

Bug Fixes

  • Since 9.0, transaction traces and span events were not created when newrelic_end_transaction was called inside a PHP function. newrelic_end_transaction now creates transaction traces and span events in any case. It reports all traces and span events for segments that weren't ended at the time of its invocation as unknown.

  • Since 9.0, Predis calls weren't instrumented when the Predis client was loaded from a path ending in Predis/Client.php. This has been fixed.

  • For inbound distributed tracing payloads with invalid or missing values for pr (priority) and/or sa (sampled) the agent used to assign a default priority of -1 and/or a default sampled value of false to the transaction.

    • This has been fixed, the agent now keeps initial priority and sampled values if the respective values in the inbound distributed tracing payload are missing or invalid.
  • The daemon used to erroneously send SIGUSR1 signals to its parent process group in case one of the flags --foreground or --watchdog-foreground was given. This has been fixed.

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