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PHP agent v7.5.0.199

August 29, 2017

New Features

  • A new API function for timing datastore functions that the PHP agent doesn't natively instrument has been added: newrelic_record_datastore_segment(). Documentation and usage examples can be found on the New Relic Documentation site.
  • The agent now collects additional metadata when running within AWS, GCP, Azure, and PCF. This information is used to provide an enhanced experience when the agent is deployed on those platforms.

Bug Fixes

  • On Laravel 5.4, previous versions of the PHP agent named transactions handled by routes without explicit names based on the request method and front controller name, instead of using the route URI as with other versions of Laravel. This has been fixed, and automatic transaction names are once again consistent across all Laravel versions.
  • When generating explain plans for queries issued with MySQLi, the PHP agent could bind parameters from the wrong query if the PHP object ID had been reused internally. This has been fixed.
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